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Member Exclusive: Reserve Pinot Noir Duo

Member Exclusive: Reserve Pinot Noir Duo


Reserve Pinot noir, Willamette Valley AVA 2011

2011, a year that separated the farmers and wine makers who possessed skill and know-how from those who lacked. Late flowering into July at some locations led to a later harvest. Low Brix level fruit, late in the season brought old world style ready clusters with sophisticated complexity. Aromatics of sea air, eucalyptus, pomegranate, raspberry, red currant, hints of vanilla. A ribbon of bright minerality strings from the aroma and through the front palate, making way for focused acidity. Bright palate of pomander, salinity, fine smooth tannins on the mid palate that linger on the front of the tongue. Finishing with vibrant acidity.

Reserve Pinot noir, Willamette Valley AVA 2012

Aromatics of baking spice, cedar, and weathered leather, this Pinot presents with a smooth, rounded mouthfeel. Hints of pomegranate on the tongue along with compact suede tannins lingering on the front and mid palate gives this wine its unique position among distinctive Willamette Valley Pinot noirs.



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