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Founded in 2005 by a fourth-generation Oregonian family, Seufert Winery is rooted in the rich land of the Willamette Valley. Dedicated to creating Oregon wine, the Oregon way, founder Jim Seufert creates award winning natural wine to express the unique terroir of the region. Seufert Winery seeks out distinctive vineyards to source quality grapes grown with sustainable practices and respect for the land.
Specializing in limited production single vineyard designate Pinot Noir, the family-owned and run winery makes under 1000 cases a year.  To offer a fuller breadth of wines from the region, the winery has expanded into offering white and sparkling wine varietals and reds beyond Pinot Noir. In 2006, Seufert Winery introduced their Black Label wines which are the best-of-the-best from each year’s vintage. Blended and aged in the cellar, the winery’s Black Label combines an old-world philosophy with new world technology. While the wine production has expanded and diversified, Seufert Winery has stayed true to the land, working in partnership with growers who cultivate the land with LIVE and biodynamic natural farming practices.
We are honored to share the bounty of our home with you and we hope you enjoy our wines with friends and family while sharing a meal. And on your next visit to the Willamette Valley, we look forward to welcoming you to our Tasting Room.

About Jim
Jim traveled the world as a business consultant, which took him to diverse grape growing regions around the globe. While impressed by visits to esteemed vintners such as the Renato Ratti winery and the Rosemount Estate, the independent artisans tending to century-old vines in Switzerland and hand-labeling bottles in a basement near Beaune, France inspired Jim to return to his roots in Oregon wine country and found Seufert Winery.  Jim makes wine to represent the richness of the soil, the crisp air, and the everchanging weather of the Willamette Valley. Taking a light-handed approach, Jim gently guides the process from vine to tank, barrel to bottle, to create wines with a pronounced sense of place.



About Michelle
Born and raised in Oregon, Michelle heard the siren call of New York City in her youth and joined her sisters on the east coast where she worked in the city’s dynamic culinary and nightlife world. Spanning the fields of hospitality, event planning, and food and beverage operations, Michelle sourced the world’s best products to meet the needs of some of city’s most discerning clients. When she returned to the Willamette Valley, Michelle was proud to focus on Oregon wine that is equal to the best wines being created in the world’s most renowned wine regions. Truly celebrating the valley, she is proud to call home, Michelle loves to walk through a vineyard (often with her two young daughters in tow) to sense the earth, the air, and the grapes. Beyond wine making, Michelle’s creativity finds further expression in her own jewelry project, Nasci Designs, which was launched in June 2019.


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