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A Match Made in Oregon

The Black Label Series & Maker's Reserve Tillamook Cheese Pairing



Seufert Winery, founded and run by a fourth-generation Oregonian, and Tillamook Creamery, the farmer-owned coop of Oregonian dairy farmers, have joined forces to offer tasting flights of the best of Oregon. The Seufert family has worked with Tillamook for three generations as part of the renowned TCCA co-op making this pairing a beautiful continuation of the family’s passion for Oregon products. This pairing package offers a distinct opportunity to taste the best of Oregon.

Enjoy this pairing as a reservation in our tasting room, delivered to your door or available for curbside pickup.

Each pairing order includes a handmade Single Barrel Stave Cheeseboard made by Jim Seufert from a barrel that once held Pinot noir in Seufert Winery. A commemorative gift of gratitude from our barrel room to you. 


Brut & Cape Mears Cheddar 

The Méthode Champenoise Brut, Willamette Valley AVA 2011 is a beautiful 50%/50% blend of Pinot noir and Chardonnay. Extremely small lot this elegant sparkling is a bright one of a kind flavor profile -toasted sourdough baguette, roasted cashew, floral with lime.  *Featured in Peleton Magazine Gift Guide for Moms Who Ride.

The Cape Mears Cheddar is slightly sweet and creamy aged over 12 months. Nutty and balanced, a welcome addition to any cheese plate.

Pairing Experience: A synergistic pairing. The elegant toasted creaminess of the wine and cheese create a beautiful richness. Luxuriously thickening on the palate, toast and nuttiness amplify with each sip and bite. 

Blanc de noir & Maker's Reserve 2015

The Méthode Champenoise Blanc de noir, Willamette Valley AVA 2011 is 100% Pinot noir. Aromas of green apple and nut meat with weighted flavors of lemon curd and nutmeg. This sparkling wine received a 90 point rating from Wine Enthusiast Magazine. 

Maker's Reserve 2015 vintage Cheddar Cheese brings accents of grapefruit, lemon pith and black tea. Herbal and grassy with a floral finish. 

Pairing Experience:  A complimentary yet comparing contrast. Bright fruit and creamy natures flirt with floral notes. Crisp acidity on the wine and crunchy aged tyrosine crystals make for lively finishes.


White Pinot noir  2014 & Maker's Reserve  2014

The White Pinot noir comes out of the library to grace this list. A beautiful white wine expression of Pinot noir. The inaugural release of Seufert Wineries White Pinot noir this was an immensely popular bottling and rightfully so. Beautiful floral and fruit tree blossom notes on the nose, rich weight on the palate of honeysuckle, pomelo, lychee and subtle white peppercorn. This wine finishes with a lively bright vibrancy of smooth and sueded tannins.   

Maker's Reserve Vintage 2014 Cheddar Cheese - this cheese features aromatics of earth, vanilla, and baking spices. The palate is meaty and savory, delicately dry and flecked with tyrosine crystal crunch. 

Pairing Experience: A perfect vintage example of what grows together goes together. Two dramatically different products coming together from the same year of origin. Elegance, thickness and a full enveloping palate showcase both products together seamlessly.


Whole Cluster Pinot noir &  Maker's Reserve 2016

The Whole Cluster Pinot noir is a smooth fine grain tannin rich wine that brings food pairing versatility to the table. Aromatics of vanilla, forest floor, and flint. Layers and undertones of sage and eucalyptus make way to sueded tannins on the tip of the tongue and finish. The mouthfeel is chewy and weighted with supple and robust tannins. Structured and balanced, this Pinot noir exemplifies a luxurious sensory experience. 

Maker's Reserve Vintage 2016 Cheddar Cheese shows classic cheddar notes with sweet, toasted nuts, caramel, rounded out with earthy umami and an unexpected zing. Luxurious, deep and creamy body, woodsy, slightly dry with the beginning of crystals. Woody, earthy and a peppercorn phenolic finish. 

Pairing Experience: An excellent complimentary array of flavors. Synergistic and dynamic on the palate. Herbal notes, earthiness and supple mouthfeel from both the wine and cheese bring a great flavor pairing experience. 


Reserve Pinot noir 2012 &  Maker's Reserve 2013 

This Reserve Pinot noir hails from an exquisite vintage. Showcasing the best five barrels of Pinot noir from that year, blended and laid to develop in oak for an additional five years. This wine is bold,  with red fruit layered on herbal tea notes, rich and complex, bright and juicy. Weighted structure and smooth prominent tannins 

Maker's Reserve Vintage 2013 Cheddar Cheese is rich in aromas of baked butter and warm cooked brie. Intense cheddar sharpness with pine tree and bright green apple. Creamy and dense in texture flaky with pronounced pungent crystals. 

Pairing Experience: The best of the best. Both the wine and the cheese bring their own bold flavors to the table. Contrasting in nature, they both bring big bold flavors.  


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